Novel Oil

What are the characteristics, prices and storage of good "new" oil? When are olives harvested and when is new oil produced? How can you tell if a "new" oil is good, and what does the tingling sensation of tasting it mean? If you ask yourself these and other questions about new oil you should definitely read this article. 



Low acidity, fruity and herbaceous aroma, tingling and bright green color are the hallmarks of any self-respecting "new" oil.

It must be remembered that new oil tingles only if it is of good quality. Contrary to what is often thought, in fact, the tingling is not a defect, but the sign of genuineness of the product, and it is due to the high level of polyphenols it contains. They are, these, antioxidant substances that, in addition to protecting health, allow better preservation over time of the oil itself.




So, when is the best time to consume new oil? Autumn, between late September and December, is the season when olives are harvested, and milling begins.

Like all products of the earth, in fact, EVO oil is also linked to the natural cycle of the seasons. This means that at this particular time of year it is possible to buy the fresh, freshly pressed product, which releases all its valuable properties to the fullest. The certainty of being in front of new oil is given to us by the bright green, full-bodied and dense color, the typical fruity aroma of freshly pressed olives, and the tingling sensation that is a symptom of the product's genuineness and quality.

At this time of year "new" oil can be consumed, tasting it on the classic bruschetta of bread without salt to fully appreciate its aroma and flavor, but also combining it with salads, legumes, soups, grilled meats and fish.



The best time to buy new oil is during and immediately after the harvest period, which usually takes place, as we mentioned, between late September and early December. At this time the new oil will have all the characteristics of freshness and taste of an excellent extra virgin. It will be possible to buy it directly at the mill and, of course, on our online site.



If you are wondering how much a bottle of new oil costs, know that there is no fixed value. The price of "new" oil changes from year to year, depending on quantity, quality but also on its composition. If it consists of monovarietals it will naturally have a higher price than a classic "multicultivar." Then there are years of low production, during which inevitably the price tends to rise. Others with abundant production, where instead it remains stable or may even have slight declines.

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