What is extra virgin olive oil?

What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is a food fat extracted from olives, which are the fruits of the olive tree. All oils of vegetable origin contain the same amount of fat, which is 9kcal per gram. Extra virgin olive oil unlike the others is rich in Polyphenols which are bitter and spicy, but have a protective action in our body, so since it is tastier, in daily use as a condiment less is needed, consequently less fat is ingested. Food regulations state that extra virgin olive oil is that extracted from olives of a superior category and obtained directly from the olives and only by mechanical processes.


Health and Wellness

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the main condiments in Mediterranean cuisine. It has so many benefits that it is difficult to make a complete list. It is considered the best of fats, as chemical processes and the use of industrial means are totally excluded in its production process.

So here are the main benefits of extra virgin olive oil:


1. Prevents cardiovascular disease

One of the main beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil is the abundant presence of monounsaturated fats (Over 70%), which are useful in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders. In addition, it is low in saturated fats, which can on the contrary increase these kinds of risks, as well as being directly related to the increase in blood cholesterol levels.


2. It has antioxidant properties

Another very important property of extra virgin olive oil is polyphenols, natural antioxidants that are useful in protecting cell membranes and preventing cancer. Each olive oil contains a different amount of the latter, dependent on the quality of the product.


3. Fights diabetes

Extra virgin olive oil, among its many benefits, contributes to insulin production thanks to its fatty acids. This is said by a study from the Sapienza University of Rome, according to which the main component to reduce glucose levels after a meal is oleuropein.


4. Helps lower blood pressure

Another key property, also given by polyphenols, is its ability to reduce blood pressure. Testifying to this is a Spanish study showing that in addition to keeping blood pressure under control, the oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.


5. Helps prevent wrinkles and moisturizes the skin

The fifth benefit of the oil is to make the skin stronger, nourished and moisturized, when used in the form of a mask, together with honey, or as a compress (in the latter case it can also be used on the hair, to make it brighter and healthier).



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