Fettuccine with truffles

If you want to bring to the table a fine dish that can win the most demanding palates and delight them with an unmistakable aroma, this first course is just right for you...and with our truffle-flavored oil it will be super easy to prepare!


  • Egg fettuccine 250 g

  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Consoli truffle oil q.b. 
  • Fine salt to taste
  • Butter 40 g
  • Parsley to taste


In a frying pan, heat the truffle oil along with the butter and melt the latter over low heat. Peel the garlic clove (removing the inner sprout) and let it brown in the pan with the oil and melted butter for a few minutes. Remove it with a fork and turn off the heat. 


Allow the seasoning to take on flavor with the heat off, stirring, and in the meantime cook the egg fettuccine in plenty of salted water. 

Drain the fettuccine al dente, transfer to the pan with the truffle seasoning. 



Stir and saute the pasta for a few minutes, shaking the pan. 

Add some of the pasta cooking water.

Add a drizzle of raw oil and serve!


Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and bacon

Welcome autumn! What better way to celebrate this season full of warm, bright colors and delicious flavors than with a good dish of tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms!

...and with our porcini mushroom flavored oil it will be super easy to prepare even out of season!


  • Egg pappardelle 250 g
  • Porcini mushrooms 500 g
  • Speck (2 thick slices) 150 g
  • Fresh liquid cream 50 g
  • Parsley for chopping q.b.
  • Garlic 1 clove
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Consoli porcini mushroom oil to taste
  • Fine salt to taste


Start by cleaning the porcini mushrooms, using a small knife remove the most earthy parts of the stem. If the rest of the mushroom is quite clean it will suffice to use a brush otherwise using a damp cloth dab first the stem and then the cap, so as to clean the mushrooms of all earthy residues. Repeat the operation for all the porcini mushrooms and keep them aside.

At this point take care of the speck.

- Cut each slice in half lengthwise first and then cut in the other direction to make strips.

- Pour the porcini mushroom oil into a pan and add a clove of poached garlic, which you have previously crushed gently.

- Add the speck and let it cook for a few minutes until it is crispy and well browned. 

- Slice the porcini mushrooms, and if they turn out to be too large you can split them in half. When the speck looks cooked through remove the garlic and add the porcini to the pan. 

Continue cooking for 6-7 minutes and in the meantime, you can cook the pappardelle in plenty of boiling water salted to taste. When the mushrooms are slightly wilted add the cream and a pinch of black pepper. Since the speck is already quite savory it will not be necessary to add salt, but adjust according to your taste.

- Finely chop the parsley and drain the pappardelle al dente. Pour them directly into the mushroom sauce, add the parsley and toss for a few moments.

- Add a drizzle of oil to the porcini mushrooms stir and plate your pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and speck and serve while still hot!

Fava bean and almond pesto pasta

Pasta with fava bean and almond pesto is a delicate and flavorful first course, with the softness of fava bean pesto in perfect harmony with the crunchiness of almonds.


  • 350 g Pasta
  • 250 g. Fresh broad beans
  • 40 g. Toasted almonds
  • Q.b. Grated almonds
  • Q.b.Diced bacon 
  • Q.b. Pecorino cheese
  • Q.b. Pepper
  • Q.b. Salt
  • Q.b. Consoli almond-flavored oil



Shell and wash the broad beans thoroughly. Cook them in plenty of salted water until soft. Do not throw away the water: you will need it to cook the pasta.


Set aside a few fava beans for serving. Blend the cooked fava beans and toasted almonds with the help of a blender. Add the pecorino cheese. pepper and almond-flavored oil in a drizzle. If needed, add a pinch of salt.

Take diced pancetta and fry it for a couple of minutes in a nonstick skillet.


Cook the pasta and drain it when al dente. Sauté it in the pan along with the pesto and, if needed, 2 tablespoons of cooking water to mix everything well. Plate with a few fresh fava beans and the slivered almonds.



A quick and easy first course, but very tasty thanks to the sausage and wild fennel oil.



  •  320 g rice
  • 300 g of sausage
  • Vegetable broth (carrots, celery, onion, tomato, black pepper, salt) to taste
  • 1 sachet of saffron
  • ½ glass of white wine
  • 1 onion
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Consoli wild fennel oil to taste
  • Grana cheese to taste. 




Start by preparing the vegetable broth, roughly chopping( carrots, celery, onion, tomato) and pour into a pot full of water (about 1.5 lt) and adjust salt and black pepper. Let it boil and afterwards lower the flame and let it heat for about 1 hour. 

Chop the onion finely. Remove the casing and mash the meat. Put a pot on the stove and pour in the wild fennel oil to taste. Let heat a few moments before adding the onion. Sauté over medium-low heat; it will only take a few minutes. Next add the sausage and let it brown for 4-5 minutes, stirring often. 

Add the rice and let it toast and season while stirring, then deglaze with white wine. As soon as the alcohol has evaporated, start cooking the rice by wetting it with the hot broth: pour it in ladles from time to time. Then add it as soon as the previously ladleful has been absorbed. Then pour in the saffron and stir to mix it in. When the rice is ready, remove from the heat and stir to coat, adding the Parmesan.

RISOTTO speck and apple

A very delicate preparation, an unusual combination, where the sweetness of apple oil is enhanced by the strong flavor of Speck.


  • 320 gr of Rice 
  • 120 gr of Speck
  • 1 onion 
  • Vegetable stock (celery carrots, onion and tomato, salt and pepper) to taste
  • 100 gr white wine 
  • Consoli apple oil to taste Butter
  • Grana cheese to taste 
  • Black pepper to taste
  • ½ Lemon




First prepare the vegetable broth by roughly chopping(carrots, celery, onion, tomato) and pour into a pot full of water (about 1.5 lt) and adjust salt and black pepper. Let it boil and afterwards lower the flame and let it heat for about 1 hour. Then cut slices of speck a couple of cm thick, remove the rind, and against fiber make first sticks and finally cubes.


Finely chop the onion. In a saucepan, add the oil to the apple and pour in the onion as well. Allow the onion to wilt slightly, stirring often it will take about 5 minutes (you can wet with a ladle of hot broth). After that pour the rice inside.

Toast it for a few minutes, always stirring, then deglaze with white wine. Wait until the alcohol has completely evaporated and start dousing the rice with the hot stock and continuing to do so only as needed. In another well-heated pan, pour a drizzle of oil over the apples. Add the speck, saute over high heat and brown. As soon as the rice is cooked turn off the heat and add the grana cheese and black pepper sprinkling it all over the surface. Cover with a lid, wait 1 minute and serve.



A sweet risotto with a surprising taste


  • 320 gr of Rice 
  • 600 gr of Pumpkin
  • 100 gr of Onions
  • 1.5 lt vegetable broth (carrots, celery, onion and tomato)
  • Grana cheese to taste
  • 60 ml White wine
  • 50 gr Butter
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Fine salt to taste
  • 20 ml Consoli Ginger Oil



First prepare the vegetable broth by roughly chopping(carrots, celery, onion, tomato) and pour into a pot full of water (about 1.5 lt) and adjust salt and black pepper. Let it boil and afterwards lower the heat and let it simmer for about 1 hour. Strain the broth and keep it warm. Clean the pumpkin, cut it into slices and make small cubes from them. Finely chop the onion and place it in a large pot in which you have heated the ginger oil. Allow the onion to sauté over very low heat for about 5 minutes. Add the squash and brown it for a few minutes, stirring to keep it from sticking.

Add a ladleful of broth, and add more, little by little until the squash is cooked (about 20 minutes): it should be tender and creamy. Separately, heat a large saucepan and place the rice to toast it over high heat until opalescent, turning it often so it does not scald. This will take 2-3 minutes. Then deglaze with the white wine and stir immediately so it does not stick. As soon as the wine has completely evaporated, pour the rice into the pan with the pumpkin. Stir well to blend the flavors and prevent the rice from sticking.

As soon as the risotto begins to dry out, add a ladleful of well-warmed stock, and continue gradually adding the next only when the previous one has been absorbed, until the right degree of cooking is reached. This will take 15-20 minutes depending on the rice used. Towards the end of cooking, adjust the pepper and salt. Finally, with the heat off, stir in the butter and grana cheese.