Olives, not only used for extravirgin olive oil

The Company

The Consoli Company was founded in the 1960's in Adrano, a Sicilian city situated on Etna’s slopes, a geographical area involved in cultivating olives for oil.
Originally, the company was a small traditional oil mill with lava millstones and hydraulic presses used for squeezing olives on behalf of third parties.

Today the company is a general partnership. It carries out its activities byrespecting the land and surroundingterritory along with complying with food safety legislation.

In addition to being passionate abaut all that we do, we also are personally involved in it

The mission

The corporate philosophy is based on the quality and high level services in all fields in which the Company works. The main goal is offer to our customers and consumers only the best.

The Company rests on four main pillars:
* Maintain a fair price for each product.
* Give priority to quality.
* Consider people as the most important value in the business world.
* Guarantee the highest level of  services.

Olive tree in bloom

The optimal level of ripeness of the Nocellara Etnea cultivar

Freshly extracted olive oil

Why choose Consoli oil?


  • Because it is very good and its quality is recognised and awarded with important recognitions.
    Because it is made with innovative techniques with respect for the environment, without creating processing wastes and/or waste for disposal, and its origin is certified.
  • Because it is convenient in the quality-price ratio.
  • Because using the Consoli extra virgin oil you will see everyone else gets old,whilst you stay young!  

The productive cycle for a high quality extra virgin oil production takes advantage of new cold extraction technique using a two phase centrifuge force…TO BE CONTINUED